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Updating your device is sometimes essential to keep your device secure and without faults. When a flaw with a piece of software is found the manufacturer usually will release a patch to all affected devices. This is usually but not always due to a security risk to your device. In this tutorial we will show you how to easily update your device with very little hassle.
How do I update my device?

Before performing an update on your device we reccommend backing up any data you want in case that the update restores your device (unlikely but could happen).

Assuming you have now backed up your data follow the below steps to update your android device....

1. Much like setting up mobile tethering, to update your device we need to locate to the settings on your device. Again your settings app may look the image opposite...

2. Next we need to access the "about device" option of the settings to gain access to the software update screen. The "about device" option is usually near the bottom of the list of settings.

3. Once you have located the "about device" option click it to bring up the next menu shown on the right hand side.

4. Once you have opened the about device menu you need to click the "download updates manually" option which will let the phone manually search for updates. It may or may not find any updates for your device but regardless of this you will see the screen on the left.

5. From this point on please follow the onscreen instructions including to read and accept the terms and conditions if required.
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