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Speeding up your PC

With the vast scope of things you can use a computer for you can quickly find your computer running slowly with the amount of information it has to load. The below methods will help you to speed up your slow computer and solve any issues caused by a slow computer.
Remove unwanted programs from your computer

Control panel > Uninstall a program screenshot (Click to enlarge)

Removing unwanted or unused programs from your computer can serve many purposes which include freeing up storage space on your PC and speeding up your computer by reducing the amount of data it has to search through to open files.

How to remove unwanted programs from your computer
1.   Open start menu and search for the control panel
2.   Open control panel
3.   Click programs
4.   click programs and features
5.   Now choose which program you wish to remove and click the uninstall button.
6.   Now follow all of the onscreen instructions in the programs setup wizard.
Multiple user accounts

Control panel > Manage users screenshot (Click to enlarge)

Although having multiple user accounts created doesn't effect the speed of a computer it can take up a lot of storage space therefore it may take longer to open applications or documents on the drive (if fragmentation has occured).
Another way having multiple user accounts on a PC can slow it down is if they are logged in. This is because any account that is logged in uses some space in the RAM (random access memory) , therefore slowing the machine down. If you so wish you can simply log out any user accounts that are not being used or just delete the excess accounts from the system using the steps below however simply having the accounts logged out on the system shouldn't effect system performance.

How to remove user accounts from a system
1.    Open start menu and search for the control panel
2.    Open control panel
3.    Click user accounts
4.    click user accounts again
5.    Click manage another account
6.    Choose which account you wish to remove
7.    Click delete your account
8.    Choose whether or not to save or delete the users’ files
9.    Click delete account
10.           The account has now been deleted!
Upgrading your hardware

Central processing unit (CPU)

Upgrading certain computer hardware componenets can definitely improve your systems performance and speed up your PC. You can do this by upgrading the following parts of hardware :

  • CPU (Central processing unit)
  • RAM (Random access memory)
  • GPU (Graphical processing unit)

These are the 3 main components that can give the system a better performance and to speed up the machine. In all 3 cases you will look for certain criteria to decide whether to buy a new component such as the core clock speed (measured in GHz) , the storage capacity (GPU & RAM) and usually the amount of cores if upgrading the processor.

Of course these will depend upon the computers desired use and how detailed and responsive you would like the machine.
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