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Our services

We offer a range of computing services for your small business, charity or even your own home PC. Amongst these are our computer repairs, website creation and data recovery services.

Whether its new memory for your PC or a new processor we are able to replace many components in your laptop or desktop PC.

Pricing starts from just £19.99
Whether its the latest version of Microsoft windows or a free operating system such as Linux. We are able to install the system quickly and hassle free.

Pricing starts from just £9.99

Have you forgotten your password or passcode to your device. Most of the time we are able to retrieve the password from a file on the hard disk. We are able to get passwords from most windows machines.

Pricing starts from just £19.99

Would you like to brush up on your IT skills? We run 1 - 1 sessions with a qualified IT technician, who can even show you how to do certain things with a computer.

Pricing starts from just £7.99 an hour!

Do you require a new website or a redesigned website for your hobby , business or charity?

Pricing starts from just £12.99 a month

Do you need new network or security systems in your home, business premises or other building ? We can fit and configure your new equipment for you usually within 24 hours.

Pricing starts from just £59.99
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