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What is a portable hotspot?

A portable hotspot allows your device to share its data connection (usually 4G) between 1 and 10 other devices. This could be used for your laptop if you are on holiday or somewhere without wifi access. This page will show you how to setup and use your portable hotspot and some tips on how to keep your connection secure.
How to setup and use your portable hotspot

Using your portable hotspot is relitively straight forward and can be done with a few simple steps on your android device. So here it is....

1. First of all you need to locate your settings on your android device. This is where all the settings for your device is held an will be a vital part in most configurations of android devices.

The settings menu have everything you need to manage your mobile device including to uninstall an application you no longer use or to connect to a bluetooth speaker. For this tutorial we will need to access the "Mobile hotspot and tethering" menu.

The mobile hotspot and tethering menu should look something like this with mobile hotspot set to off initially. This is to protect both your phone and your mobile data. Once your mobile hotspot is switched on your phone will act like the router in your home meaning that people could attempt to attack it if they wanted to. To help prevent this your mobile hotspot will have a passcode much like your router at home.

To switch on the mobile hotspot just slide the slider from off to on.
Once you have switched the mobile hotspot on your screen will look similar to the image on the right. This gives you the broadcast name of your device and your password to connect. All users will need this password to use your network. Having mobile hotspot(s) switched on will turn off your WI-FI and therefore will start using your 4G data.
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