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Partitioning your storage media

Storage media in any technology device is essential to store software and files to enable the device to work properly. This will now include household goods such as washing machines and fans however a computers storage media is usually larger which means files can get dotted around all over the place. However we can help this to be more organised to access by partioning a hard disk drive , solid state drive or even a USB Memory stick. Partitioning storage media is not essential however it may help to be more organised and will reduce cluttered folders.

The question is :
How do I partition my storage media?

Well here at Kevs  IT we will tell you and are able to help you out if you run into problems.
Assuming that your storage media is connected to your PC we can now start to partition the device.

1) The first step is the navigate to the computer management console by right clicking on the "This PC" link and clicking the "manage" option (administration priveldges will be required).

2. Once you have opened the computer management console then select the "storage" and then the "disk management" option.

3) You must now select the "unallocated" space you wish to partition by right clicking and select "create new simple volume". This will then show the wizard in 4 main screens which are outlined below.

     A) The first screen is a welcome window to the wizard
     B) The second screen asks how much space you wish to allocate to the partition (This cannot be changed at a later date without losing data)
     C) The next screen will ask you to assign a drive letter which will form part of every file path
     D) This will ask you to name the new partition such as "documents" or "important information" or any user specified name.

You have now successfully created you new partition!!
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