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Whether its new memory for your PC or a new processor we are able to replace many components in your laptop or desktop PC.

Pricing starts from just £49.99
Whether its the latest version of Microsoft windows or a free operating system such as Linux. We are able to install the system quickly and hassle free.

Pricing starts from just £20.00

Have you forgotten your password or passcode to your device. Most of the time we are able to retrieve the password from a file on the hard disk. We are able to get passwords from most windows machines.

Pricing starts from just £49.95

Would you like to brush up on your IT skills? We run 1 - 1 sessions with a qualified IT technician, who can even show you how to do certain things with a computer.

Just £30.00 Per Hour

(Multi-Hour discounts avaliable)

Is your computer running slowly and needs a new lease of life?

Checkout our new SSD upgrade service suitiable for all desktop PCs and Laptops!

From only £59.95!

Have you got a broken tablet or phone screen?

We are now able to replace it!

Prices start from £69.99
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