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We pride ourselves in giving a personal bespoke service to all of our clients and meeting their personal IT needs! When contacting us you will always be presented with a friendly personal answer to you questions!
You will always be welcomed with a professional email , phone call or message response to your questions or enquries. Whether you are looking for a long term contract or a one-off job you will be met with the same professional standard in all we do.
We don't just sit back waiting for t
he next phone call or message but we are proactive in helping you with any work and are very happy to provide people with answers to questions both on and off our website!
Web Design at Kevs IT...

Here at Kevs IT we create our websites from scratch which gives us full control of the overall website experience and functionality for our clients. We are able to produce many different types of websites including:

Information websites
E-Commerce websites
PC Repairs

We understand that many things cannot be done if your computer or mobile device breaks. We are able to carry out many repairs including but not limited to

Laptop screen replacements

Laptop keyboard replacements

PC Building service

And much much more!

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote
IT Support

We know you may also encounter issues with your computer that is unexpected but we are here to help during these moments with out various IT support services including

Home support
Business IT Support
Remote assistance support
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