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Discounts Avaliable at Kevs IT

There are a variety of discounts avaliable to customers who are purchasing a product or service from Kevs IT. We outline who and how you are able to redeem your discount from us either through our website or via contacting us directly.

10% Student Discount
You are able to redeem a 10% discount on all products purchased through our online store and any services we offer by providing a valid student ID when you order your product(s)

15% Emergency Service Discount
You are able to redeem a 15% discount on any products or services with a valid Emergency Service ID. This can be shown in person or when your goods are delivered by us.

If you have any questions on how to redeem your discount and to prove your discount eligibility please contact us

If no ID cannot be shown for any of the above Discounts then Kevs IT reserves the right to not apply any discount to your order with us unless ID is shown.
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